Sticking Together

G. J. Gamble


If you are out and about at this time of the year you might be forgiven for wondering where all of the birds have gone. Walking the northerly wind-chilled bitterly cold edgeland this morning it was intensely quiet and for the main part seemingly devoid of wildlife. Not to worry though, the birds have not simply upped and vanished instead they are simply sticking together.

From the rail bridge to the canal the edgeland was desolate this morning. There wasn’t a single living creature in sight or sound and apart from the rustle of the last remaining leaves and the creaking of Willow swaying in the wind it was deathly silent. Even the Wrens couldn’t muster the energy to berate me from deep within the hedges and it wasn’t until I reached the river island that I found the first signs of life.

A trio of Redwings fed hungrily on…

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