Lets Go Fly A Kite…

G. J. Gamble

Red KIte (Milvus milvus) in flight, with a halo of light, in Sierra de Gredos, in Avila, Spain.

Sailing in from the distant sky, a blue-grey sea of spring calm and placid cloud, I thought at first another Common Buzzard was making routine rounds above the open fields in search of Rabbits. As the distant blotch of wing and body circled nearer, I noticed in the flight a grace that Buzzards, with their stocky build and scruffy plumage lack entirely. From beneath, chess-board wing tips of milk and charcoal washed like watercolour into russet-brown and copper slender wings. Wings without beats gave way to a flecked and muted orange body and then the tail; the tell-tale sign of a soaring kite, the giveaway, forked and angular like the fletching of an ancient arrow. Red Kite.

I came to this spot, some two miles south-east of the edgeland, in search of boxing Hares this morning, as I do each year. These wide and open arable fields are a little…

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